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Every Travel Agency has Unclaimed Air Commission Revenue... The problem is, You only have 24hrs to get it!


ACT has been a provider of Airline Commission Quality Control Services to Travel Agencies in the United States since 1992. In 1995 we launched our first software auditing program called AirComm. Using AirComm agencies were able to programmatically audit their air sales  utilizing ticketing data directly from their accounting systems. Our first mid-office/booking level product was put into service in 2002. The booking level auditing software allowed commission assignment to be performed pre-ticketing allowing agencies to save countless hours of labor from auditing transactions post ticketing.  In 2005 we reached out to The Airlines Reporting Corporation(ARC) to get a standardized and reliable source of  ticket data to use with AirComm for post ticketing auditing. Our most current version of AirComm takes advantage of the back-office-system (BOS) detail file from ARC to provide a reliable and complete audit of an agencies air transactions.

We continue to add features to our software as the industry continues to introduce new opportunities. Our most recent version of AirComm completely automates the commission audit process by to automatically downloading  the BOS file from ARC and automatically making adjustments to back ARC iar for each corrected transaction

We all know of the up and down trends in airlines paying commissions.  Most Carriers do NOT pay base commission to USA Travel Agencies. It is Negotiated Air Commission , international and domestic, that generates higher percentage revenue.


Our AirComm audit programs ensures that your travel agency claims the Highest Available Air Commission on every ticket sold.

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